How To Fix A Slow Computer And Speed It Up Substantially

Ways to Speed up Your Computer

It is quite agitating working with a slow computer. It not only takes much time but it’s also frustrating killing the working morale. However, here are some ways you can speed up your computer:

i. Uninstall unused programs. You need to uninstall unused programs because they reducing processing power of your computer. In fact, some programs run background processes even if you are not using them! You just need to open your Control Panel and uninstall the programs you rarely use. However, make sure you do it right to avoid uninstalling important programs.

ii. Install a solid state drive (SSD) Most laptops and PC have SSD drives today because they are fast and reliable.

Unlike spinning hard drives, SSD drives are:

Faster – because they have a cache to store files that are regularly used

Reliable – since they have no moving parts, these drives lasts longer because they are not affected by magnetic fields

Power effective – the moving parts in mechanical drives tend to use a lot of power to operate. This can lead to overheating and even slow performances of your PC. SSD on the other hand uses flash memory which does not require much power to operate. These drives therefore are power effective. SSD drives are highly recommended because they’ve numerous benefits when compared to spinning hard drives. One benefit which makes these drives an ideal option is their fast performance.

iii. Add RAM If your computer freezes or slows down every time you try accessing large files, you need to upgrade or change RAM. You can add more RAM sticks in your mother board but if all the slots are taken, you can buy a new memory altogether. Sometimes, RAM may be worn out with time and replacement is the ideal option. However, you need to do a thorough research about RAM since they may be incompatible. You need the help of an expert if you cannot be able to choose or install the right RAM.

iv. Run Disk Clean up You can use a disk clean-up program or you do it manually. The main objective behind disk clean-up is to declutter your computer hard drive to create more space. The less space you’ve in your computer, the slower your computer will be because space is needed in running programs. You can even buy an external hard drive to store miscellaneous files to create more space for you PC.

Alternatively, you can carry out disk defragment where you have several local disks to store different files. You will therefore have the disk to run and install programs as well as a disk to store other files. Although this may not be very effective since the disks may run out of space with time, it is a solution especially if you’ve solid state hybrid drives (SSHD) or solid state drives (SSD) because they are faster in processing speed.

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